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Did you know that medical practices report a gross collection rate of just 60%?

Here's what that means: For every $1 your practice bills, you'll only collect $0.60! There's no doubt that leaving that much money uncollected will severely impact your bottom line.

Example: If you annually bill $100,000, you will only collect $60,000. You're losing out on $40,000!

So, what can you do? Outsource your medical billing.


Hiring qualified in-house billers can be expensive and an administrative burden. However, if you opt to outsource, a team of experienced billers and coders will act as an extension of your team. They'll help you save money by decreasing coding errors and help you increase your bottom line by ensuring you get more of your collections.

That's just one of the many benefits of outsourcing. If you want to learn about the other top benefits, fill out the form on this page to gain instant access to our outsourcing benefits guide!


Learn the top benefits of outsourcing your billing