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Boost Your Online Reviews With DRCATALYST Google Reviews Service


Online reviews have a huge impact on the success of your medical practice. We make it easy for your practice to get more online reviews.


How our online reviews service works:

When was the last time you checked online to see what people, especially your patients, are saying about your practice?

If your practice doesn't have many positive reviews, we can help. That's what our team is good at. In fact, we can help you triple your number of positive reviews in one month!

Here's the service we offer:

1. Our clinical nurses will call your patients and collect satisfaction surveys
2. Then, we'll direct your happiest patients to write online reviews on Google
3. We'll also schedule follow up appointments with your patients to fill up your schedule

Three ways our online reviews service helps medical practices:

1. Our service helps practices attract new patients
2. Our service helps to increase a practice's ranking in search results
3. Our service allows practices to gather beneficial patient feedback & insight

Ready to boost your ratings and number of reviews? Fill out the form on this page and one of our online reputation specialists will contact you. 

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